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    Downloads » Two Worlds » Patch Version 1.5 auf 1.6 Download-Infos
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    Two Worlds   Patch Version 1.5 auf 1.6
    20.11.2007 von Nevermore


      MP Lag issues have been improved
      Horse steering improved
      Walking under water and not dying -fixed
      Inaccessible Cave north of Ashos has been fixed
      Friendly fire disabled in RPG mode (players cannot damage each other)
      Resurrect spell on players has been disabled
      Experience points for killing players removed
      Disarming skill disabled against other players
      Freezing/stopping spells disabled against other players
      MP too much skillpoints generated due to combat stats - fixed
      Character developing curve not as steep over level 25.
      MP RPG quests given to all, reward splitter between players
      HP regeneration slower for max values above 2000
      Death strike skill - executable by strike button while in sneak mode.
      Critical hit skill fixed (faster animations added)
      Allowed damage over 32000
      Cap on damage and armor on 99999
      Necromancer spells balanced
      Magical boosters - effect restricted to 5 boosters.
      Stacking potions with different statistics - fixed
      Stacking objects which produce too high requirements has been blocked
      Objects stacking - objects can't be stacked up if result has higher level requirements than current player level.
      Equipment Class cap on 50
      When killing in towns - after you leave the town and go back guards will ask you for paying instead if immediately attack you.
      NPCs in towns don't resurrect - guardians exploit removed.
      Tweaked hi- level monsters balance
      Team assault - main monuments 50 times stronger
      Barbarian - berserk skill in PvP reduced to 5.
      Wing Membrane ingredient added to Helllord
      Dragons strike not breakable by player hit.
      Chest and wardrobe lock levels improved in multiplayer.
      Bomb traps attached to some chests and wardrobes.
      Balanced number of lock picks in chests and wardrobes.
      Money moved between servers - fixed
      Boosters disappearing in Arena modes
      Maps D2,E4,F4, MP Tharbakin - missing triangles or flying objects - fixed.
      Atmospheric fog for MP towns added.
      Enter opens console in SP
      Horse steering - stopping horse by back key changed
      cloning character when logging on new WarNet server - fixed
      chat over open dialogs possible (by F11 chat dialog)
      All PVP arenas unlocked from begin
    Grösse 26,4 MB
    Downloads 1769
    Datum 20.11.2007
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